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North Carolina Campbell PA applicants 2019-2020 upcoming cycle

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Congratulations to those accepted in to Campbell!!!    @hellofellowapplicants @peanutbutterPA @Googlebrain @aquacamel @salolli @MedGal1995's boyfriend

Yes CLASS OF 2022!!! So EXCITED!!!    

Got the call a little while ago!

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2 hours ago, Bgirl99 said:

Has anyone who were accepted or applied this cycle have any C's in prereq's? I currently have C's in Anatomy & Physiology. Worried I will not get in for the next PA cycle when I apply. Anything will help. Thanks!

I was accepted a couple months ago with a C+ in organic chemistry. That was my only C. Hope that helps!

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i was wondering if anyone here that is currently attending campbell university can help me with this question about the program.

For didactic year, do students study from the book to prepare for the exam or do they depend on the lectures power points. In general, is the program more geared toward study the material on your own or the instructors will teach you the material in class and thats what you will be tested on.

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They definitely teach you everything you need to know in lecture. There are associated readings, so you may supplement from the textbooks, but I'd say that 90% of what all of us study comes from lecture. The only time we really "learn on our own" is when we have a designated SDL (self-directed learning), but even in that situation, faculty usually set aside a time to ask questions about that content.

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2 minutes ago, Anakin said:

Hey classmates! I see they recently sent out the email about immunizations and background check but have they sent out school supply lists yet? Just want to make sure I didn't miss it. Also, what day does orientation start? July 21st?

Hi hi!!

No school supply list yet (that I'm aware). Are you on the FB Class of 2022 page? We get updates on there as well.

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