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Anyone else tired of these soul suckers? 

I understand how they may be genuinely helpful for surgical devices and such, but man, in family med major PITA. They all want to be your best friend -- as if nonstop patient interaction wasn't tiresome enough , dealing with their shallow interactions is unbearable. And the blatant abuse of my time for their gain. Sick of it.

Really , I need to hear how your SGLT2 will save the world for the millionth time? Oh and yes, let me assure you, you have my wholehearted commitment to prescribe your drug. As if there's any real difference between the 5 other drugs in your class.. 

Thinking about going to a no rep policy. GTFO!

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I feel your pain.

On the other hand, I learn a fair amount from a few reps, especially the ones with new drugs. I'm in cardio and I learned quite a bit from reps about drugs like Ranexa, Corlanor, Entresto, and the first couple of NOACs when they came out. On the other hand, I don't want to spend a lot of time on the 5th ARB to be launched.

I do very few drug dinners and only if I'm genuinely interested in a particular speaker. There are a few that I'll go hear for a second time because they have interesting (and unrelated to the drug) things to say when buttonholed.

Most but not all reps are respectful of my time. The ones who aren't don't get seen except to say a quick hello.

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Drug reps influence your prescribing.  Period.  To say they do not is not proven by the data.  


Drug reps = used car salesmen.   Believe little of what they say.  


Samples = bad for your patient.  Sure they work and are free but do you really think the drug companies loose money on them. 


I have strict no drug rep policy 


I will very occasionally attend a dinner but insist I pay my own way.  And ask challenging questions and call BS when I hear it.  


Drug reps are your enemy to delivering high quality cost effective care.  

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