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PLEASE HELP! In Progress Courses in CASPA

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Hi Everyone! 

I have a question that I HOPE someone on here has experienced and can help me out with an answer! As you know, many schools allow for one or two prereqs to be in progress when applying, but some require all to be completed prior to CASPA submission. My question is, if I put all my info into CASPA and say my course is in progress then submit to the programs that allow in progress submissions, can I then change that course to say completed or indicate that its not in progress any more and submit to the program that requires all to be completed once I'm done with the course? Or is there some way that they would know its completed, because the transcript submitted prior won't have that in progress course on there and I don't know if I need to request another transcript be sent to CASPA. Or, if one program has already been submitted and in the process of being verified then it voids all access to any of the academic materials that I would edit/add for other programs that have not yet been submitted. Would I need to contact the program and directly send them another copy of the transcript showing completion of the course? I know many programs say not to send them anything directly. I've contacted CASPA and they aren't answering my question to my satisfaction, but I'm sure one of you lovely people can.

Thank you in advance!

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If you submitted to the programs that allow in-progress courses while your class was in-progress, I would say to resend the transcript with the completed course to CASPA. Once CASPA receives the transcript, see if the course automatically updates from in-progress to completed. If it doesn't, call CASPA and ask them if there is a way to change it. If there isn't, call the schools and tell them your situation, and ask them what they would like you to do: send the transcript to them or just submit your application with the new transcript in CASPA (even if CASPA still says in-progress, they can see you completed the class with your new transcript)

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"Your application status must be Verified before you can update your coursework. There is no timeline for updating your coursework; you can submit multiple updates until the close of the cycle. When you submit an update, you must move the entire term from in-progress to complete." So the answer to your first question is yes as long as all the courses you are taking in a single term are completed at the same time. 

Once the course(s) are complete you can submit an update and submit applications to other programs. However, you should know that "updated coursework will not be verified. In most cases you will not need to send updated transcripts; however, some programs require updated transcripts. They may ask you to send them to CASPA or directly to the program. Contact your program directly for their requirements."

In summary, you can submit your application to programs that allow in-progress coursework and then submit a CASPA update once the coursework is complete. That update will not be verified thus you should contact programs about where to send transcripts. You can then submit applications to programs that do not allow in-progress coursework but contact them to determine if/where you should send transcripts for the recently completed coursework. 

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@hmmmm3 Yes, I did reach out and they said they don't accept transcripts or information directly. They lady also told me that my application will most likely be rejected and then I can reply to that rejection and try to appeal it. Also, CASPA didn't understand my situation for some reason. I cannot be the only person who has gone through this, right???


@panglossianPerfect, thank you so much for this information. After speaking with the lady from the program (who wasn't very helpful) and doing some for FAQ CASPA digging, I came to the conclusion that I will wait until May 17 when my course is completed officially (and update that in CASPA), and request another official transcript be sent from my college to CASPA. Because, if I were to submit prior to the second transcript being arrived and entered by CASPA, they would verify my application as complete because there are already transcripts in the application. I am taking this single stand-alone course and need an entire new transcript for proof of completion for this program. Though it may not be verified by CASPA, I'm assuming the addition of the second transcript and updated course from in-progress to completed should suffice my predicament. And if not and I receive a rejection, I will appeal it saying I met all requirements, it was just a technical issue. I really appreciate your gathering if this information for me. You rock! 🙂

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