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I submitted my under grad transcript to CASPA back in September and I am currently taking one pre-req at a different college, will be done with the class in May. I submitted my CASPA application on Feb 1st for schools with a March 1st deadline (I know, its late 😞 ) but i'm now freaking out because I paid for professional transcript entry service and the status of the entry still says 'awaiting materials' yet my undergrad transcript was received months ago. Just wondering, could they be waiting for this pre-req that i am currently taking? Because that's not done till May. 

I am afraid that this will delay the verification process,and March 1st is approaching. Tried emailing them, not helpful. Just want to know if anyone has used this service and what their experience has been. How long do they take to enter the transcripts?! 

Please help...thanks!

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Never use this. Total waste of money and time.  They screwed my transcripts up twice and took almost a month to get them done.  I'm posting this as a warning to anyone else who looking at this thread.

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