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What are my chances?

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Hello, everyone!

 I was wondering if I could receive some feedbacks on my stats since I plan on applying this upcoming cycle. 

My cGPA is  3.35 and sGPA is 3.2. I have a Masters in a healthcare administration with a GPA of ~3.72. I have about 3500 scribing hours,1000 MA hours, 150 volunteering hours and ~80 shadowing hours(MD + PA). I haven't taken GRE yet but hoping to get atleast 300 on it. 

Thank you guys!! 


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Guest HopeToBePAC

Fairly good. You're pretty much average in all aspects. However, if you focus on schools that accept scribing than I'd say your PCE would make you stand out. Just apply smart, meaning apply to schools that fit your profile and you should get interviews.

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