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Should I apply this cycle/do I stand a chance?

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Hello! I know this post is stereotypical and repetitive and I apologize, but feedback would be very appreciative 🙂 Stats are below, should I apply this cycle? Or wait till next year? I’m currently on my first gap year. 


cGPA: 3.7, sGPA 3.6 bio major with minirs in psych and chem, in 3 national honor societies (psych, bio, chem), academic award in my major, Dean’s list every semester


Presented original research at 2 colleges


By mid march I will have about 1000 PCE hours as an EMT


I also started a per diem HCE job as a patient sitter in the ED. 


GRE is between 295-299 (can’t remember exact number), thinking of retaking


If it helps, during college I have about 120 hours as a volunteer crew member for my school’s EMS unit


If I’m forgetting something, let me know! Again thanks so much, I know how annoying these posts can be sometimes and I appreciate you taking the time to read this 🙂 have an awesome day! 


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Everything looks spot on except your GRE. You need to at least get a 300; I'd recommend a re-take. Otherwise, you know this, you SHOULD apply this cycle! 

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You've got a good shot this cycle.

Definitely retake your GRE. No reason to apply with a sub 300 score and limit your program choices if you think you can do better. I recommend the Magoosh online subscription for studying. 

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    • By IsaiahRW
      Hey everyone, I am a recent college graduate (December 2018) and I have been interested in PA for about 3 years now and with my recent graduation I’m sure you all can relate to the panick of the uncertainty of my life that I just stepped into 😂.  I’ve mostly been curious about my competitiveness for this upcoming cycle (2019-2020). Here are my stats  
      Overall GPA:3.494 
      sGPA: 3.52
      Last 60 hours: 3.65 
      Side Note: I initially had a 2.8 GPA freshmen year and worked my tail off to get where I am now. After I transferred to a new school beginning Junior year I made 24 A’s to 7 B’s with no C’s or D’s.  I know schools take into account upward trends and if that isn’t one then I don’t know what is!
      HCE/PCE:By time of application will have have about 750 hours with 300 being a Home Health Aid and 450 as a PT Aide. For schools who do not have rolling admissions I will wait until about late July to apply so that would bring me to around 1000 hours  
      LOR: Gastrointestinal Oncology PA, DPT who is my supervisor at work, Chemistry Proffesor
      Shadowing: 100 hours shadowing Oncology PA, Family Practice NP; Oncology MD
      Taking the GRE in March
      Volunteer Hours: Over 500hours through my fraternity,NAACP, and my own efforts. Mostly registering people to vote, educating minors on sexual health, March of Dimes, and various other projects me and my fraternity brothers could think of. I believe this will be the strongest part of my application. I have a ton of other experiences of volunteer/community service I could speak of but that would take hours to type out 😂  
      My personal statement will more than likely focus on my experience with the many different types of clients I have dealt with as a HHA. Going into someone’s home is a direct view into their life and lifestyle and the differences and experiences between each is so unique it’s jaw dropping. I’ve had some crazy experiences to say the least 😂
      I appreciate any feedback. Thank you all!
      *Added some updates so I decided to bump!
    • By LaLa2070
      Hello!! I recently received two acceptances: one from DeSales University and one from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM). Although I am very happy with that, I cannot seem to decide which program to go to. Both programs are great, relatively short and in Pennsylvania. 
      PA Program size: 60 Program start date: Summer (June)
      Length of program: 26 months (14 Month didactic <9 terms>, 12 Month clinical)
      PANCE pass rate: 5yr average = 99%
      Tuition:  $100,176.00  Living expenses:$65,398.00 Total: $165,574.00
      Preceptorship: 7 required core preceptorship, each 6-week long and one 4-week elective preceptorship
      Faculty:Student 1:08
      PA Program size: 70 Program start date: fall (August )
      Length of program: 24 months (12 Didactic <6 terms>, 12 clinical)
      PANCE pass rate: 5yr average = 99%
      Tuition:  $81,750.00  Living expenses:$35,123.00 Total: $116,873.00
      Preceptorship: 8 req core preceptorship, each 5-week long and one 5-week elective preceptorship
      Faculty: Student 1:12
      If anyone could give me any insight/advice at all, I would greatly appreciate it. I would like to make a decision within a week!

    • By HIssa
      Hello all, I have worked full-time and PRN for the last three years gathering PCE. However, how do you calculate those hours when you do not have a set schedule?
      I have gone as far as to try to add up all the hours I have on each paystub (I view them online) but it is extremely tedious. I have worked in two acute hospitals, two SNFs, and an inpatient rehab facility. The hospitals, one SNF, and the inpatient rehab facility are all for the same company (when you are PRN you float to different pavilions).
      I have noticed that CASPA will ask you your job type, which would be per diem for me, but still asks how many hours a week. If your weekly hours vary, is your best bet to just count up your total hours and make sure whatever you fill in does not exceed that amount?
      Thank you in advance!
    • By ElleThePAC
      I just moved to NoCal (Silicon Valley) area due to my husband's new job. My attending in Florida contacted his friend at a major university here and got me my dream job. I have five years of pediatric surgery experience and have been told that I am expected to train the other NPs in the group (who all have less than or around one year of experience in the subspecialty). I am less than one week into my job and today I found out that one NP (who has just over one year of experience) is being paid slightly more than me. Apparently this institution counts nursing experience as part of their calculations in salary. She told me what her starting salary was which was about 8k lower than me. She has since received a raise and her salary is now just a hair above mine. Part of this is because she was the only one running the show for awhile so they may have been given a performance bonus of some sort. 
      This was very deflating to me given that I have five years of experience being a provider, have an entire OR skillsket, and have been asked by the NPs to proctor them to first assist only to find out that they are being paid more than me. 
      Anyone else run into these situations in this area? From what I have read on this forum the nursing unions are very strong here in NoCal. Does this apply to NPs as well? When I received my initial offer from HR I asked if there was any room for negotiation and was told no because it was based on a scale for my clinical background. 
    • By ltarke
      Please see attached PDF.  We are a new program in NJ.  We received a $5M gift from an alum and we now have state of the art facilities, over 70 clinical partnerships, and we are accepting 50 students in our first class.  Attend virtually to find out why the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown NJ is the right choice for you!  
      CSE PA Virtual OH postcard, 1-24-19.pdf

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