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Yes, iScan Ultrasound Competition

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Hello friends,

My name is Frank Norman, I am a fellow PA and heavily involved with integrating ultrasound into primary medical curriculum and Co-Founder of The Society of Point of Care Ultrasound.  I would like to invite any PA students that are interested in this topic to attend the Yes, iScan Competition and Workshop at AAPA on May 20th.  Yes, I Scan- Ultrasound Student Workshop and Competition - AAPA 2019.webloc.  

Pre-PA students can take part in the workshop by volunteering as ultrasound models, and it's an awesome way of gaining insight into the profession and meeting many of the faculty members you will encounter on your journey through the application process.

To help teams prepare for the competition, SPOCUS will provide student teams with pre-competition study guides, video education and ebooks, as well as work to find a local mentor.

Last year was the first year of the competition.  AAPA agreed to allow 6 teams of 3 to 4 PA students per team to compete, but because of the overwhelming response we expanded the field to 15 teams.  Between the competition and the workshops, one third of all PA programs had an opportunity to participate.

This year the SPOCUS and AAPA partnership is expanding.  There will be 36 teams competing, and we will be training 250 PAs and PA educators on POCUS at the surrounding workshops. The workshops are very affordable at $75 a piece.

Even more exciting, is our partnership with the ultrasound manufacturer Butterfly Network.  Butterfly has created a hand held, single probe ultrasound which plugs into an iPhone.  However, instead of costing $20k for an ultrasound machine, The Butterfly is priced at $2k.  Unfortunately there is a waiting list to purchase the device.

However, our partnership with Butterfly Network has created a very unique opportunity.  SPOCUS will offer very affordable ultrasound training workshops for PAs (flipping the classroom with pre-course video lectures and e-books, as well as live ultrasound training) , and Butterfly will offer the opportunity purchase one of their machines, skipping the wait list.  The ultrasound devices will be delivered before the live conference, so the attendees can practice what they have learned through the videos.  In addition, the attendees will also be able to save their practice images to the Butterfly Cloud, and used as a learning opportunity during the live workshop.

SPOCUS will also mentor attendees on credentialing, billing, and medical-legal issues and PA Program curriculum integration, regardless the medical specialty (PA students, IM, FP, Peds, ortho, surgery and the subspecialties)

Thanks we look


Yes, I Scan- Ultrasound Student Workshop and Competition - AAPA 2019.webloc

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