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Updating a waitlisted program?

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Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum and this was my first cycle applying! I interviewed at one school in mid December and was waitlisted. It says right on the website and through an email that they encourage updates, but I was wondering which way is the best. 

Phone call- call the admissions assistant who gave out her business card/direct line and ask how they accept updates. Would it be better to just call the general admissions number?

Email- email the admissions assistant who gave out her business card/direct line and ask how to update or just automatically send the updates in? Again, would it be better to just email the general admissions email? 

Am I over thinking this? Probably lol it’s just my top choice 😂 alsoooo I’m super worried I don’t have big enough “updates” like really I’ve just been continuing to work as a nursing assistant with special needs children. At the interview they asked how many PCE hours I had (560) and if I were to update now, I would have 720. Is this worth an update?  I don’t want to hurt my chances in any way, but I do want to let them know that if accepted I would 100% attend. Any help on what to say or how to say it would be awesome!!! Thanks!

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I personally believe you have enough hours for an update. I like phone calls because its more personal but if you email them you will have a record communicating with the school. If your school encourages updates go ahead. Most people say to only update a max of once per month.

Wish you the best!

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