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How do I improve my chances?

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Here are my stats

3.2 GPA, trending upward towards the end of college 

3.06 science GPA

300 GRE

4,000 hours of being an ER medical scribe, and a scribe trainer

500 hours of drug research in a lab

Shadowed a PA and NP

~150 hours as an EMT-B and EMT-A student

~200 hours as a working EMT-B (working for two different companies part-time)

References from 3 doctors, 1 professor and 1 NP

What else can I do besides raising my GPA to improve my stats?


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More PCE as an EMT is the #1 thing that jumps out at me. It's way more valuable to schools than scribing. Low GPA needs high quality PCE. Otherwise, volunteer. Spend a lot of time on your personal statement and get ready to write really strong supplementals. Research accepted student stats and make a smart school list. Apply early.

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My guess is that it doesn't matter much at all (I was accepted to multiple programs with a bachelor's degree from a giant, non-prestegious public school). 

I personally don't think scribing is strong PCE, so my knee-jerk answer is to quit scribing, work full-time as an EMT, and apply next cycle. This is especially true because your GPAs and GRE are *right* at or just slightly higher than the minimums and it's extra important to get high-quality PCE. However, if your schools value scribes highly, it's reasonable to apply now.

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I think its good to improve your patient care hours but I would encourage you to look into how CASPA ranks GPA. Most people tend to rank their GPA higher than what it really is. It would just be unfortunate if CASPA certifies your sGPA at 2.99 instead of your 3.06, I wouldn't want that to hurt your chances if your school choices wants your sGPA above 3.00. It would also be unfortunate if you found this out last minute when you cant fix it.

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