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when will EPIC get a clue?

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This happens every time we get an epic upgrade, at every facility I have ever worked at, for the last 20 years....I have been at this facility for 12 years, seeing all patients, including codes, trauma, stemi's, cvas, etc

PAs can only assign themselves to patients in fast track, because why would we need to have the ability to see someone in main.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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The first software I worked with, small outfit, it was terrible for PAs. I had to list myself as an MD to make it work. The software used "Physician's Assistant" with your name and always assumed you were seeing a patient as "incident to" where you had to have the MD sign the note. The silicon valley 20 year olds didn't know better.

If this was 15 years ago, I think I would take some programming classes, raise a couple of million, and create a medical software company that has a software that works for the provider, and is flexible, and only cost 10 million, not 20 million to install in your facility.

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Most emr's are configurable to the systems desires/requirements (see the post about gender vs sex tab in epic).  At least one system I worked at had a programmer who could change various interface options in epic.  Many administrators look at the cost and just get the base package.

for example, one epic system was able to pull records from another; system three did not have that turned on, for whatever reason.

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The thing I 've noticed about most any EMR I've used is the things are designed by and for admin geeks, not by/for end users.  Our ER system just got updated - our shortcut note most of us use was eliminated in favor of a note designed for people that like writing small novels (and it seems, there is a direct correlation between those types and their typing speeds) which I suspect is a data mine for some  Sheldon Cooper type in the Ministry of Health...I shouldn't be prodded to fall into a time trap of going through a full internal medicine history type note for someone with a cold for 2 days.  At least the emergency diagnostic  and the ICD10 databases talk to each other now - we had to manually enter diagnoses because when we did a search on say "viral URTI" you'd get 🤔 in return...if you got anything.

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