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New grad in need of advice with job search

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I am open to pretty much all areas of medicine and surgery. The only specialty I am not interested in is psych. I have my resume on indeed and in my intro paragraph I wrote that I was interested interest in internal med, emergency, and hospital medicine (which are my top 3); however I applied to a surgery position using indeed and the hiring manager saw that I listed those 3 areas and kind of called me out on it. My question is: should I change my intro to include all the area I am open to? Does it look bad to list multiple areas? I will be honest I feel particularly attached to one area of medicine. I came out of almost all my rotation feeling excited about them (except for psych off course). The reason I listed the above areas of medicine is because I think they will allow me to learn the most. Any suggestions (related to the above problem or unrelated) will be greatly appreciated. TIA

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HiI try to keep my general information on indeed, healtecareers, etc as vague as possible, then tell them what they want to hear, within reason, of course.  They are doing the same to you.  If they are hiring for surgery- you love surgery.  Give them the resume/cv which focuses on your surgery skills and acumen.  Have a bunch organized by which specialty you want.

I try to look on indeed then figure out which company it is, then go directly to them.  Avoid recruiters like the plague, they will promise everything and deliver... nothing.


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