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Crendentialing takes 12 weeks? But it only took 4 hours to be approved to drive Uber?

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I'm not defending the system, especially the fact that it goes back to source documents even when they've already been verified by NCCPA and other state licensing agencies.  However, it's not unique to PA's and NP's - docs go through the same process.  By the way, it will only get worse the number of jobs you've had and number of states in which you are licensed.

Best advice I can give, keep a folder on you computer with all possible information: NCCPA, state licenses, other certs like ACLS, ATLS, etc., immunizations, procedure logs, copy of declaration pages from all malpractice policies, etc. so you can respond to requests quickly.

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It's not like uber drivers are making life altering medical decisions.  They drive from point A to point B and the minimum qualifications are to have a drivers license.  Bonus points if they're a good human and don't take advantage of riders but even that apparently isn't disqualifying.

Sure, waiting on credentialing is a pain in the rear but I'm not convinced it warrants quite the outrage about it that you have.

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Yesterday I had to decide, based on my training and experience, whether to give ASA to someone with chest pain, nitro, or start chest compressions.  I had to decide if the leg pain someone was experiencing was due to vascular disease or spinal stenosis.  I had to decide if that lump on that dude's tongue looked like cancer.  All of these decisions, and more were based on my experience and training that I communicated to my employer myself. 

Two weeks ago, I was in the ED with a massive PE and right heart strain.  I'm pretty damn glad the hospital took some time to verify this dude had the training and experience to do what he did.  As nonsensical as it seems, I'm glad some of these hoops are in place to ensure people have the experience they say they do.

The one time I summoned an Uber driver, they didn't show up.  No one died.  I'm just guessing that may be the discrepancy between the two.

I understand your feelings completely.  Consider this- save your feelings for 400$ insulin.  glucose test strips that cost a dollar a piece.  CEO's who jack the cost of medications that are generic to quadruple what they should be.  I can go on and on.  I absolutely hate having to check the walmart 4$ plan- I understand medications take money to develop, I do. 


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You can use CAQH if you want. It takes a while to get it all set up but contains all your professional history and documents and can be used for credentialing particularly with insurance companies. CAQH will pester you to update information and documents as needed so all your stuff stays current. 

If you are an AAPA member they too have a service where all of your information is saved in a single place and can be provided when needed

A lot of the delay is how cumbersome most institutions make the process. Also credentialing offices, like us, are often minimally staffed and are trying to work lots of people's stuff with minimal staff.....you know like us.

Interestingly things can move right along. When I started this job it was the middle of a horrid cold/flu season and they were short staffed. They told me 3 months. 3 weeks later I went to work.

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