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NHSC Scholarship 2019

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5 hours ago, SergioPA said:

Should I be worried that I did not put my discipline or the last 4 digits of my SSN on all my supporting documentation? I barely read that on the NHSC site and I already submitted my application 

I'm not sure, but I read through the instructions after I first submitted my application and then frantically resubmitted it with the required information. 

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On 5/20/2019 at 1:01 PM, SergioPA said:

Should I be worried that I did not put my discipline or the last 4 digits of my SSN on all my supporting documentation? I barely read that on the NHSC site and I already submitted my application 

Hey, after reading your post, I realized that I made that mistake as well. I found it misleading that the documents the NHSC Scholarship generated for you (like the Verification of Good Standing) didn’t have a section to put your discipline. They only asked for full name and SSN. 

I’m hoping that as long as your first and last name was on all documents, everything will be okay. At this point it’s too late to fix it. And idk if calling their help line would do any good? I’ve called before for a separate question, and never got a concrete answer since responders are reading from a manual. 

I guess let’s just hope for the best? *sighs*

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If it helps, I asked if it was necessary for me to to resubmit all documents with the last 4 of SSN, name and discipline during the Q & A when I realized that my first ref. letter did not contain that info.; the response was that it was not an issue. However, I did make sure to place that info on each essay.

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On 5/7/2019 at 8:35 PM, lschwart10 said:

Hi all,

I sent the verification form to my schools financial aid office and they replied that their PA program does not participate in the program. Anybody and any experience with this situation?

@lschwart10 I also had this issue and was unable to resolve it prior to submitting. SO FRUSTRATING. Any idea if there's a way to do this post-hoc?

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11 hours ago, JohnnyLAX9 said:

How can you tell if you have your credit checked on CreditKarma?

So if you log in, on the home page click credit, and it will show you your trans union credit score, but you can also click to see your equifax credit score. If you scroll down to see the factors affecting your credit score, one of the categories is “hard inquiries”. If you click here, it should show you if you have a hard inquiry from “Credco”. Good luck!

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Guest thatgirlonabike

Mine has not been checked.  I was one of the people who forgot to put my name and SS number on top of all of my documents so let that be a warning for everyone next year!!

I have years of relative experience working with underserved communities so I feel like I would have made it through the initial screening if I hadn't messed this part up.  

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15 hours ago, PAdreamzzz said:

I received my credit check from Credco on 7/15/19. I did not put my SSN and discipline on all of the supporting documents, but still got the 1st round credit check. Don’t lose hope! 

Ok whew that is good news I was so worried I messed up my application with a minor detail! Thanks, I will keep waiting! 

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On 7/19/2019 at 5:47 PM, PAdreamzzz said:

I received my credit check from Credco on 7/15/19. I did not put my SSN and discipline on all of the supporting documents, but still got the 1st round credit check. Don’t lose hope! 

This is so great to hear!  I didn’t come to the forum until after the deadline. Good luck to everyone! 

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Congrats for everyone how received a finalist email! I think you can feel pretty optimistic that the contracts will be countersigned 🙂


Historically, a 2nd round of finalists get notified a week after the 1st round so try to keep your chin-up up if you haven't heard back yet! 

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    • By WakadanPA
      To my veteran PAs:
      I recently received an email about the Student to Service HRSA scholarship that states NPs and Certified Midwives are now eligible disciplines for the upcoming scholarship cycle. The reason for the addition is the bolster primary care and obgyn providers in underserved and rural areas. Makes sense to me... however to my surprise PAs are not included in this scholarship opportunity. 
      Is this an issue that the AAPA would take up? If not, who can I write about this issue other than the HRSA?

    • By PAeducator
      The new Simon Scholar PA scholarship program creates pathways for underserved Orange and San Diego County (California) students facing adversity by offering full tuition scholarships. This scholarship provides eligible students who wish to earn their Masters in Medical Science degree (MMS) at the Chapman University Physician Assistant program with the opportunity to graduate in two years with little or no debt. Up to ten scholarships per year will be awarded.
      The application portal for the Simon Scholar PA scholarship program is now open. This is the link:  https://chapmanuniversity-viceprovost.submittable.com/submit/165573/simon-scholar-pa-program-scholarship-application.
      You can also find more information on our website: Chapman.edu/SimonScholarPA. Here’s the link: https://www.chapman.edu/crean/academic-programs/graduate-programs/physician-assistant/scholarship-simon-scholar-physician-assistant-program.aspx.
      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming virtual information sessions.
      Kind regards,
      Gerald Glavaz, DHSc, PA-C
      Associate Dean
      Simon Scholar PA scholarship program, Chapman University
      The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) has granted provisional accreditation status to the Chapman University Physician Assistant Program sponsored by Chapman University.
    • By LivingLfe
      Good Morning fellow veterans,
      Here is some information I received regarding the VA scholarship for 2020. 
      The application will open again around March 2020. The list of specific programs of study that HPSP will target in 2020 are Nursing (All Levels), Pharmacy, Diagnostic Radiological Technicians, Physician Assistants, and Medical Technologists. 
      To qualify for this Scholarship Program, you must be a U.S. citizen, unconditionally accepted for enrollment or currently enrolled in a program of study leading to a degree as determined by the Scholarship Program office just prior to the application opening. These occupations are determined by evaluating the VA Workforce Succession Plan and then targeting the Top 5 Title 38/Hybrid Title 38 hard to recruit/retain occupations in the VA. After completion of your education, you must serve as a full-time clinical VA employee for a minimum of two years for HPSP. If you are under a service obligation to serve at another entity or obligated under any other Federal program, you will be ineligible for the HPSP Scholarship Award. 
      HPSP is federally regulated to target those in their last 1 year of academics but offers scholarship up to 3-years. Selections of those requiring more than 2-years of support are few.  
      HPSP are not retroactive payment programs. Payments start Fall Semester 2020. If you graduate before the Fall Semester of 2020, you will not be eligible for this scholarship.
      As part of the acceptance into HPSP, the applicant must sign a mobility agreement stating that they are willing to relocate at their own expense for placement at the discretion of VA. 

      We encourage an active participation in the placement process by encouraging the participant to apply for positions in USAJobs as the HPSP staff work to market the participant nationally within the student's perspective occupation. All during the placement process, the staff is also seeking residency opportunities for the student. The placement is a collaborative effort between the HPSP Placement/Residency staff and the graduating student. For HPSP students, this collaboration also includes occupational specialty considerations. 
      For HPSP, we top off any existing grants and scholarship up to 100% tuition and approved fees. There is also a monthly stipend of $1,114 while you are in school as well as a once a year stipend of $1,125 for books. If you are a current full time Federal Employee, you will not qualify to receive the monthly stipend is selected. If you are receiving the GI Bill, this program will only supplement what you are receiving, and you can receive both the GI Bill monthly stipend and the HPSP monthly stipend concurrently.
      Clinical Tour: (HPSP Only): Applicant must be willing to perform a clinical tour, at a VA healthcare facility, while the participant is enrolled in the course of education or training for which a scholarship is awarded.  The student is responsible to contact the school's clinical tour coordinator to determine the assignment and location of the clinical tour. The intent of the clinical tour requirement is not to add an additional burden onto the student but to exchange a current curriculum requirement with a VA Clinical.  If there are no existing affiliations or if space availability is an issue, please notify the scholarship team.
      Residencies (non-Medical School Students) are authorized, and you would have to request a Service Obligation Deferment.  After graduation, you can defer your service obligation till the residency is complete. You will incur an additional ½ the residency time to the service obligation. For example, if you graduate and owe 2-years to the VA, and then take a 1-year residency, you will incur and additional 6-months service obligation making your total service obligation 2 years and 6 months. If the residency is with the VA, the time in the residency does not count towards your service obligation and the additional time incurs as previously mentioned. Right now, only residencies of 1-year or less are being approved prior to the onset of the student Service Obligation.
    • By moleashish
      So, you have been accepted to HSCP. Yay! Congrats! Go celebrate (reasonably of course). Then what to do,
      Here is what I have been learning over the course of 3 months of not getting paid. I fixed most of the issues now, so hoping to start getting paid the next pay period. 
      Step 1. Get your Military ID made, ASAP. 
      Step 2. Set up mypay account. It's a pain, however once you have your military ID, do yourself a favor and invest in a CAC card reader. You will be able to set up you mypay yourself. 
      Step 3. Update Bank info on mypay. Very Important. (For some reason PSD still hasn't gotten any info about my bank account even after 2nd submission of my paperwork). 
      Step 4. Hope and pray PSD gets these info including your BAH and start paying you.
    • By Rudeboyirie
      Hello prospective NHSC scholars!
      I noticed the scholarship application has officially opened. Looks like the deadline is May 10th. Just thought I'd get an official thread going so we can all chat about the application process and share any updates any of us may potentially get!
      Fingers crossed, good luck everyone!
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