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Low GPA which route to take?

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I am currently taking some public health classes that would ultimately end in another bachelors of public health and I have a 3.8 GPA right now.  I'm also having to retake some of the science classes I took as a freshman back in 2008. This is why I'm ultimately looking at this route.  

I've seen some others with poor bachelor GPAs take master level courses and get into PA school that way. 

Lastly, I got mostly As and Bs in my science courses once I got my life together. My over all GPA was under 3.0.

Which way would be better? 

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Guest HopeToBePAC

I would say continue taking the PH classes, but just make sure that your OVERALL combined GPA is >3.0 (basically using all the classes from your previous bachelors and the classes you are taking currently is how you would figure this out). Also make sure sGPA >3.0. You don't necessarily have to take master level courses, and I'm assuming those would be more difficult in nature anyways.

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