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Ortho trauma offer - advice?

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New grad here who would love some opinions on how to realistically negotiate this offer. This is a hospital-employed ortho level 1 trauma position in the Midwest with low COL. The group has gone through some major changes recently and I would be the last of three new PA hires. I liked the staff and surgeons a lot and I’ll be given a lot of flexibility to carve out my position, which is right up my alley. They were very transparent and said that I’d likely be working 45-55 hours per week, which I’m okay with as this is my number one priority in life at this time and I want to learn everything I can. They seem excited to teach.


Sign on bonus: $2500 upon credentialing

Pay: $41.80/hr with no night or overtime differential. I know this will raise some eyebrows, but keep in mind COL is quite low here.

Production bonus: up to $10,000 per year. The PA I spoke with said it is obtainable and he has earned it every year.

Malpractice is covered, including tail 

Earned time off: Start with 80 hours and then you bank 200 per year and can carry over up to 400. Can also accrue up to 9 days sick leave per year.

Call schedule: TBD. I know, kinda weird, but once I am working the group is completely restructuring the schedule and we all get input.

Benefits: 401k - will match 100% of first 3% contribution, then %50 of next 4% contribution. Excellent health insurance that will cover me and my husband + dental and vision and can earn up to 1k towards deductible for doing certain health initiate things.







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4 minutes ago, EMEDPA said:

at 50 hrs/week that is around 109k before bonus. If it is a very low COL area and you like the group it might be worth a try. Hopefully they cover licenses, dea, etc. 

Thanks, much appreciated. They offer  CME with 40 hours. I failed to ask about dea and license, d’oh. That DEA license ain’t cheap.

Do you think there is any point in trying to bump my hourly or bonus up a few bucks with a hospital system? 

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you can try. you don't have much room to negotiate as a new grad unless you have a unique skill set that they need that other new grads don't have (surgical tech, ortho cast tech, etc). hopefully there is good mentoring/teaching and you will have backup at night when on call to the floor. 

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Figure out what call entails and get a general idea of call expectations. Are you doing consults or just floor call? 

Overall, good offer if call isn't a killer and credentialing/licencing is covered, especially with those good benefits.

You didn't mention much of your actual position. What about schedule? Is this Mon-Fri or shift work? Will you get called in for cases or just assist when you're there? Any clinic duties or office call? Is all this TBD during the restructuring process? You should get an idea so you know what you're getting into.

What about CME?

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On 1/15/2019 at 2:00 PM, Hopeful2015 said:

Hey @EMEDPA may I pick your brain once more? Do you think doing a year or so of ortho trauma would help me to land an ER job, or would doing strictly ortho like this negatively impact me? 

Emedpa will have some great insight. As an ortho trauma PA myself, I'll pipe in too. There's a lot of exposure to the EM field in ortho trauma. I've known a couple PAs who go on to work in EM after getting tired of the trauma grind. If your goal is to eventually transition to EM, consider getting a per diem job in urgent care to keep up your skillset and medical knowledge.

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