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Chances on getting in 2019-2020 CASPA Cycle

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Hi guys, I am planning on applying to PA school this upcoming 2019-2020 CASPA cycle and would just like to get an opinion on whether or not I have a chance on getting in. Please let me know your thoughts/any advice! Thanks.

  • Currently a senior at UMass Amherst majoring in psychology with a concentration in neuroscience
  • 3.58 cumulative GPA, one more semester pending which will most likely result in a total cGPA of a 3.6
  • 3.44 science GPA
  • 3.62 GPA for pre-reqs for most programs
  • As and Bs in all pre-reqs
  • 500 hours as a patient care associate on a general medical/surgical unit at a hospital (trained in phlebotomy/EKG's)
    • I understand that most schools require a minimum of at least 1000 hours but I have been looking into programs that only require a minimum of 250+
  • 800 hours as a licensed pharmacist technician (I understand most schools do not consider this PCE, but HCE instead)
  • LOR's: nurse manager, pharmacist manager, professor, and a PA I shadowed

I am planning on using this cycle as a practice round given that my patient care hours are not competitive, but I just wanted to see what others had to say! 

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GPA is good, PCE is very low. But, if you're only aiming for the 250 hour schools then you may have a chance. Because even for the 500 hour schools, you'd be right on the minimum. In my opinion, you shouldn't use any cycle as a practice round, do everything you can to be accepted on the first try so you're not wasting time and money. Since CASPA doesn't open until a few months, maybe try to get more PCE before then? You could also seek out schools that accept pharmacy technician as PCE. 

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Remember that meeting the minimums just means your app won't get automatically rejected.  It still doesn't guarantee an interview.  Plenty of the applicants applying will have the 1000+ PCE hours because of OTHER school's minimums.

Instead of focusing on minimums, I advise checking program websites to find the average matriculating student stats - that will give you a better idea if you will be competitive for a specific program.


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