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Which schools do I apply to??

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I'm trying to decide where to apply... And also I want to know what my chances are for getting in... So far I have a

3.74 GPA overall 

3.51 science GPA (Microbiology Major)- I took intro to Bio-Organic Chemistry, but I didn't take Ochem or bio chem individually. I have all the other basic chem classes and bio classes including genetics and abnormal psychology. 

Patient care hours: Phlebotomist for 410 hours, Medical intern in Africa 400 hours

Volunteer- Community hospital 40hrs, red cross 15 hours, I helped build an elementary school in Peru 100 hrs, Senior outreach 10hrs 

Shadowing hours: 20 

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Guest HopeToBePAC

We can't really tell you where to apply. There's multiple numbers of schools you likely meet the admissions requirements for. Usually, you just do your own research...start with schools in your area or places you'd like to be, go on their websites, and check requirements. 

For your chances of getting in, IMO, you have a shot if you apply to schools that prioritize GPA, because your PCE hours a bit under average. 

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A couple of questions - what about GRE and LORs? Is this your first cycle applying?

Depending on the school, you might want to check if they accept phlebotomy as direct patient care (I think most do?) as well as the medical intern hours (some might not, depending on your duties). 

Sounds like you have some cool experiences to write about, so that's a plus. 

I live on the west coast so when I applied last year I took the list of 30ish schools in the west and knocked out about 15 that I wasn't interested in simply because of location then about 3 I didn't meet requirements for. I had similar GPAs to yours, about 1,500 care hours, average GRE, good LORs. 12 applications, one interview, no acceptances. 

Second round I decided (which is a bit backwards, according to what I've seen on the forum) to decrease the number of schools I applied to and only spend the money on schools I seriously thought I could get in to. Plus one reach school, just to see if I could do it. That came out to be 5 schools, 3 of which were in state. Same GPAs, raised GRE scores to a bit above average, increased care hours to nearly 4,000. 5 applications, 4 interviews, 4 acceptances, including the reach school. 

That was my experience. In answer to your question, I'd say comb over the schools' websites carefully. Pay attention to both what they have laid out explicitly as requirements as well as implicitly (read between the lines a bit, what kind of applicant do they see as a good "fit"?). Best things you can do for your application in the meantime, IMHO, is rack up quality care hours, LORs and GRE scores. 

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