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Been working for 1 year. Do I ask for a raise or more benefits or something?

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25 year old male PA, Long Island NY working for a private ortho/spine surgeon doing 3-4days a week outpatient and 1-2 days a week OR doing spine, shoulder scopes, knee scopes.

I get paid $65/hr making that $135k a year plus a bonus which I should be getting this week.. no idea how much (I understand This is good for a new grad)

I get 20 days PTO a year. I only used 15 this year since I started 2 months into the year and didnt want to look bad

CME he said is covered originally but he may have forgotten... I feel awkward bringing it up.. CMEs are due next year for me

Malpractice and Health insurance covered 

no 401k


reasons I think a raise is appropriate:

- Doesnt everyone get a raise every year? most obviously in hospitals

- I really work like 3 hours a week overtime each week without compensation (since my paycheck is the same for 40 hours/wk every time)

- job offers no 401k or match and as someone whose saving for retirement, I feel like thats a huge financial asset im missing out on

- I RUN his office, out of a 50 patient day. I see typically 15-20 patients in 8 hours which I know valuable to him. (but then again maybe thats why im getting paid what I am). the set up is me, the surgeon who may see 10 patients , and a physiatrist who typically does EMGs half the day and sees like 10-12 patients. 

- I know for a fact that I am upselling EMGS/imaging/physical therapy  (all part of the practice)

reasons im hesitant to ask for a raise:

- I appreciate his patience with me in the OR.. I dont feel confident with surgery yet. even simple things like closing im poor at because I dont get enough exposure or volume since il only get an opportunity to assist once a week. and he always reminds me sternly how I have long ways to go. I would feel awkward asking for a raise in these circumstances

- he's already paying me what I consider a lot.

- business is slow and its a known fact around the office.. unless this is just a tactic he uses to make everyone feel guilty about asking for a raise.. haha

- ive heard that a previous pa before me asked for a raise and his response was that "the experience to first assist him is more valuable than a raise" 


thank you!





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Hospitals usually do cost of living raises (1-4ish%).  You could ask for that.

You could bring up CME and confirm/get in writing that you'll be reimbursed.  $1500-2k is standard.  Plus days off for a conference.

If it's a private practice hunting down a 401k and match is likely futile.  Get yourself a traditional IRA and a financial advisor to make the most of your money.

The other option I see would be based on RVUs (but depending on your bonus might not be better and requires you to track that).

Otherwise just ask!  If he tells you first assisting is more valuable, stay while it IS valuable and then move on to someone who will compensate you for your work/experience.

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