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Are community colleges/online courses considered weak

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I have a BA in communications...unrelated I know...so I'm taking every prereq necessary over the next few years. I will be at community colleges and taking mainly online courses as I work 6 days a week. 

Will PA schools see online schooling/community college as weaker than people who did their prereqs in their undergrad BS?


I am so jealous of everyone who has a BS. I feel like I am years behind. I'm hoping my chances aren't even more shot by completing courses at CCs and online. 

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I took all but one class in community college and no one seemed to care, at least in 2003 when I was applying. I had a BS and two MS in unrelated fields.

If you work, I see no other practical way to do this. Hopefully you will have lots of good quality patient care experience as well.

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Most of my classes were either CC or online. I was also working two jobs at the time so that’s just what I had to do to get it done.

At interviews it was never even brought up and am currently attending on of the best programs in the country.

So honestly I don’t think the school name much matters. Just get good grades, good experience and a good GRE score and go for it!

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Most of my prerequisites were post-bacc at a cc. I am starting PA school in two weeks.

When I was researching programs there was one in my area that did state on the their website that they give more weight to university credit vs cc. But, that was only one out of 5 or so schools I was gathering info on.

Also, having a BS wouldn't necessarily be any better for you than a BA. My BS is in Business Administration: Management and Organizational Development. Definitely no majors-level science curriculum there. LOL I was always told that a BA has the same core curriculum as a BS + extra art/humanities credits. [emoji2368]

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Actually, it might matter, and you might be better off taking courses a university courses if you have a choice, but not for the reason everyone thinks:

You;'re on your own in introductory University classes, and no one cares if you fail.  As opposed to community colleges, where your professors are far more likely to view students as their mission, instead of interruptions in their research to be dealt with by TAs as often as possible.  Thus, if you can manage to assess how well you're doing and take initiative to get help in a sink-or-swim environment, then you're likely going to thrive in both PA school and the early years of practice where you aren't given help... you have to go get it.

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