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Stony Brook vs PACE Lenox Hill????

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I I was fortunate to be accepted to these two great programs, and although they both have pros and cons, I just can't decide which one I should attend!!!

Stony Brook: Fantastic reputation, low in-state tuition, but I would have to relocate and leave my family behind... I'd also have to buy a car and rent an apartment, so, the total cost will be comparable to PACE.
PACE Lenox Hill: Great rotation cites which I imagine would help with the job search in the future, but I haven't heard many great things about the program in general. I could also stay in my place, and no relocation would be needed so that I can stay with my family, no car is required either.

Basically,  I'm deciding if all the extra moves (e.g., new car, new apt, relocation, no family close by) worth it for me to attend Stony Brook, which was my top choice.. or I should stick with PACE. 

PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE!!! Thank you so much!


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