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For Programs I Didn't Receive an Interview
Dear (Admissions Committee/Admissions Director/etc)
Thank you for your consideration of my application to (name of program here). Although disappointed my experience wasn't quite what you were looking for this cycle, I am very interested in your program and would like to take this opportunity to inquire about areas in my application that you felt needed improvement so as to make me a more competitive candidate in the future. 
(Sentence here about how you plan to improve your application in the upcoming year). However, I feel an outside perspective would only serve to help me in reviewing and developing my application for future cycles and I would greatly appreciate any input or advice you have to offer.  
Thank you for your time and encouragement,
(Sign your name here) 
For Programs I Did Receive an Interview
Dear (Admission Committee/Admissions Director/etc),
I would like to thank you and (name of program) for the opportunity to interview. I really enjoyed my time on campus and I was honored to be selected as an interview candidate. The faculty and students really made me feel at home and (insert something you like about the program/interview style here).  
I am writing to ask for any feedback or advice you may have for me going forward. I am very interested in your program and would like to do all I can to better prepare myself for the upcoming application cycle. (Talk about what you plan on doing to enhance your application/interview performance in the upcoming year). What I would like to know is if there were any hesitations about my performance in the interview or any other insight that may help me on my journey to becoming a Physician Assistant. I would like to continue to improve throughout this next year to better my chances of admission in the future. Any input would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you for your time and encouragement,
(sign your name)
These are essentially what I sent to the schools I applied to the first cycle. Some schools were very helpful in their feedback while others gave more generic responses. Just know that if you send out emails now, it's usually a pretty busy time for PA programs so they may take a bit to get back to you, but that is program dependent. In my opinion it certainly doesn't hurt to ask! And for what it's worth, I was rejected from 10 schools last year with only one interview invitation. This cycle, I applied to five programs, received interviews at four (declined one) and have been accepted to two and waiting on a decision from the third. Don't get discouraged just because you didn't get in the first time around!
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