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General Chemistry requirement!! HELP!!

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I was a pre nursing student and changed over to pre-pa recently and i saw that many of pa schools require two semesters of gen chem.

I was wondering if the courses i took would satisfy it. If anyone can answer that would be much appreciated!!


the course title was

CHEM 123 intro to general organic and biochem 1 (4 credits)

Chem 124 intro to general organic and biochem 2 (3 credits)

CHEM 124L general organic and biochem LAB  (2 credits)

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Your best bet is always to contact specific programs you'd like to apply to for questions like these. Having said that, PA programs generally require all prerequisite science courses to be those designed for science majors (rather than nursing or allied health), meaning the courses you took likely won't work for many (if not most) programs. 

You'll probably have to take General Chemistry I & II at least, and most schools require at least 1 semester of Organic Chemistry as well, with some requiring Biochemistry (though this isn't universal). On the plus side, you've had some exposure to chemistry already, so you'll be ahead of the game and should be able to rock those classes, which will look good when it comes time to apply. 

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At my community college we had nursing level science courses and general courses. I took an intro to chemistry course that was for nursing students and ended up having to do a full chem series after.

For schools that specifically require one year of general chemistry, you’re likely going to need to take general chemistry I and II to meet that requirement. A combination of these courses may work to satisfy a biochemistry or an organic chemistry requirement. 

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If I'm remembering right, I think most schools I looked at specifically said that neither "introductory" nor combined courses could be used to satisfy prerequisites. If you think about it it makes sense...covering general chemistry, organic chemistry, and biochemistry in only 9 semester hours can't allow any of them to be covered more than very superficially. 

From a practical standpoint, there's not enough time in didactic year to cover a lot of the basic science-type stuff--but you still have to know it, so having a solid preparation from undergrad/prerequisites ends up being really important. At least, that was my experience for what it's worth.   

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