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Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an internal medicine podcast? I am working in the ED and have been recommended EM-rap podcast (new podcasts every month with CME credits), and I am looking for something similar for internal medicine concepts. I am wanting to expand my critical care knowledge and delve deeper into physiological processes and how they relate to these acute care problems. 

I am open to a subscription podcast, and would love one that has CME credits. 

Thanks in advance! 

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I subscribe to curbsiders.  It's awesome.  If it's a topic that isn't terribly interesting to you, or you feel you know well enough, they give you quick clinical pearls you can glance over.  They also give a pdf copy of the content.  I like to read it myself, as that helps me internalize the content better than listening.   

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Third vote for Curbsiders- can get CME through ACP

Core IM

Annals of Internal Medicine (Robert Centor, MD- legend of FOAMED)- can get CME through ACP

Bedside Rounds- history of medicine podcast so doesn't teach clinical stuff but super enjoyable and can get CME through ACP

EmCrit for crit care stuff

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