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EM-focused objectives for ICU rotation

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My last rotation is critical care and since it's an elective I get to make my own learning objectives. I'm interested to know what EM folks would focus on given six weeks in the ICU (I'm planning to go into EM after graduation). I'm comfortable with airway and vent management and pretty good with pressors. I'm going to try and get more comfortable with central lines and chest tubes, and plan on using ultrasound as much as I can. Any other advice? Which ultrasound studies would be most beneficial to learn/practice? I appreciate whatever thoughts you all can offer.  

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u/s fast exams, central lines, chest tubes, paracentesis, thoracentesis, LPs, acid/base/electrolyte management, Infectious dz info like abx selection for weird bugs, sepsis management beyond abx , fluids, pressors , and cultures: who benefits from steroids, who is a candidate for Vit C protocol, etc , liver and renal failure management, management of opiate, benzo,  and alcohol withdrawal sx ,causes of altered mental status: structural vs metabolic vs endocrine vs tox vs vascular vs combination of the above.

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