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Yes, you have a chance, but it varies from school to school.  Some have a ranked list, others won't let you know where you are.  Some put a bazillion more people on the wait list than ever get admitted, others are much more selective.

You are now in for a waiting game:
* Don;'t bug the program, but you may update them on major milesones (e.g., completing prerequisite courses)  Absolutely DO NOT email them weekly to say your HCE/PCE has gone up by 22 hours.
* Keep working on your portfolio as if you weren't going to be picked up off the waitlist... but at the same time, keep your life flexible enough so that you can 'let go and go' if you do get admitted.
* Everything you do should be geared around being a good PA student someday soon--if not this year, then next.  If you've got all the prerequisites, start taking suggested classes.  Keep acquiring PCE.  Do some awesome stuff that won't make sense unless you get into PA school (e.g., taking ACLS as an EMT Basic)

Above all, relax a bit.  The waiting is worse if you're white-knuckling it.

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