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Got in but have two schools to hear back from that I would rather attend...

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I would only tell them you have been accepted elsewhere if they say "what will you do if we do not admit you this year" at the interview. Then you can say " I have already been accepted at another program, however your program is the one I would rather attend, that is why I did not cancel this interview. "

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Personally I wouldn’t disclose that information unless they ask. I think it’s something many programs know applicants are applying to more than just their program. And if you are competitive (which it seems to me you are) it gives you more power to explore all your options and find a program that fits your needs, and cost of each program. Also depends on if you need a seat deposit to hold your acceptance, that itself can lock up your funds momentarily. 

The only way I can see how it can benefit you by disclosing this is if the interviewing schools find you a good match and offer an “early” acceptance soon after the interview.  But each program is different, I would recommend looking how far are the interviews and check when these schools require the seat deposits if offered, and how quickly you can be refunded if you decide not to attend the program. 


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