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10 Year Limit on Prerequisites

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I am planning to apply to Barry - Miami in May or June, but I had a question about the 10 year age limit on all of their prerequisites. I tried reaching out to the admissions coordinator for clarification but they haven't returned my email and I need to finalize registration for the upcoming semester. I know that Barry requires all prerequisites to be no more than 10 years old by matriculation, but I am unsure of the timing of one prerequisite in particular. I took a sociology course during the spring semester in 2010, and if I were to be admitted to Barry next year, I'd start in 2020. The statements on the website say "prerequisites more than 10 years old will not be accepted" and another says "there is a 10 year limit by the year of matriculation". I know it is probably a silly question, but what do you think? I really want to avoid paying for another class if I don't have to.

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