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CVS requirements for SP on Rx

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I was at work on Wednesday, and had a situation come up that caught me off guard. Right now I’m only working part time in an antiquated FM office, biding my time until my hopeful next job comes through (have an offer to start at a new free standing ED, but it’s still under construction...I digress). My current job sucks, but I don’t want to leave without something else in place, and this isn’t really the fault of my office completely.


We still write out paper prescriptions as well as are completely on paper charts. I operate pretty autonomously in my office. When I was hired, I had to advocate for myself because they didn’t want “the extra work that comes from a PA vs an NP like signing our charts.” I’m in Florida, by the way, cannot move, and have been trying to get into ER, but it’s been difficult to say the least.


In any event, a pharmacy kept calling the office and saying that on December 1st a new law went into effect that all my prescriptions require me to designate my supervising physician and their NPI. To my knowledge, they are not requiring this from NPs.


I was busy, and this circled my SPs name and wrote SP by it on all my scripts that day. I came home and have looked for something about this, and couldn’t find anything. On a Facebook group for PA professionals, they have said that all CVS’s are going to require this of PAs starting January 1st. I cannot find much about this requirement, but it really hurts PAs, and seems to be a corporate requirement. This is the only article I could find:




As insurance and patient preference often dictates what pharmacy they use, and I don’t have time to urge all of my patients not to use CVS and I cannot e prescribe from my office, I’m stuck.


This is making it even harder for me to compete for jobs and to practice as a PA. What is our leadership doing about this? What can I do? I’m a member of AAPA as well as FAPA for all the good it’s doing. We cannot afford to slowly change minds. We need a better lobby.


I’m frustrated today.




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I have been seeing/hearing about this from other colleagues in my state. I have yet to run into it but my SP's name (actually all the providers in my office on the letterhead) is on all my written scripts and I check the box by my name. We mostly e-prescribe but I don't know if SP's name is on there. But again Have had no problems yet from CVS. Maybe because they know me pretty well now. CAPA sent out a statement addressing this just this week.


Here it is from the email:



CAPA to Address Prescription Requirements


As part of the drive toward OTP, CAPA will be addressing current California prescribing requirements and their interpretation. CAPA sent out an email recently to all members alerting them to the issue with CVS pharmacies rejecting some prescriptions from PAs. This was in response to several CAPA members who emailed and called the CAPA office. We also heard from a major health system this past week regarding this issue.


The PA Practice Act (B&P Code, Section 3502.1(d)) requires the name, address and phone number of the supervising physician to be included in a “written drug order,” which presumably includes both a handwritten script or an electronic script transmitted to a pharmacy.


These inconsistencies in the law are just examples of how administrative issues interfere directly with patient care. CAPA is committed to removing unnecessary barriers with an OTP model of practice. OTP eliminates the narrow and restrictive supervisorial arrangement between a PA and a single physician, which would resolve this cumbersome two-name requirement.


As it is, the basic mechanics of including two names might be creating its own problems: the large health system that contacted CAPA noted that some EHR systems may be rejecting prescriptions if the information for the prescriber and supervising physician is not – or cannot be – entered in exactly the right fields, requiring the added hassle of a written script. CAPA will be investigating the various issues involved and will keep you apprised of these and other developments, here, as we work to update PA practice through OTP.

California Academy of PAs

2318 S. Fairview St.

Santa Ana, CA 92704-4938



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