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What are my chances?

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Hi friends, I'd really like to apply in 2019 for the next cycle but I'm having some doubts. I'm hoping to get some advice on whether I should apply next year or hold off for one more year in order to improve my chances. I'm looking into schools in the Philadelphia/PA area if that helps- Arcadia, Thomas Jefferson, PCOM, Temple (maybe), Salus, Desales, and also Rutgers. 

Senior Medical Diagnostics Major, Disabilities Studies and Nutrition Minors, University of Delaware

Overall GPA: 3.5

Science GPA: 3.47

GRE: Reading 154/170, Math 158/170, Writing 4.0/6.0

Patient care hours: Currently about 300 as a hospital volunteer and physical therapy aide. Also attended a medical service trip to Tanzania. Will be continuing as a PT Aide until May. Gaining my CNA certification this winter in order to work full time after I graduate.

Shadowing: About 90 hours in 3 different specialties with 5 different PAs (most schools that I'm applying to include shadowing with PC hours)

Involvement: Alpha Phi Omega (co-ed service fraternity, held 1 major leadership position and many smaller roles), Project Sunshine (volunteer at pediatric hospitals), Physician Assistant Club, Medlife (service trip to Tanzania), YesUCan (coordinate weekly exercise sessions for patients with MS), Pipeline Program Mentor (mentor local high school senior on pursuing college/healthcare careers)

Any advice is appreciated!

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I'd say you have a pretty good chance of getting at least to the interview phase if you apply in the next cycle. Just keep accruing patient care hours -- ideally get at least 1,000 hours to make your application competitive. Idk about the criteria for the schools that you are interested in applying to and what type of candidates they are looking for, but make sure you have a killer and unique personal statement, letter of recs, and diverse experiences (which I think you have so far) and you should be in a very good direction. Best of luck!

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I would also agree that you have a good chance of securing a few interviews from schools of your choice. My advice would be to get more patient care hours as a CNA. Taking the CNA class throughout the winter would be great. There are always tons of job opportunities for CNA's and you would for sure gain a ton of experience and patient care hours for the schools you are applying to. 

Everything else that you shared looks great. Interviews are really about getting to know you personally and why you are dedicated to becoming a PA.

Good luck! 

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