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Baby steps (and a giant leap) for OTP

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New Federal Report Supports AAPA Priorities to Modernize PA Practice

Urges States to Consider PA-Practice Changes

December 6, 2018

This week, the Trump Administration released a new report promoting consumer choice and competition across the healthcare marketplace. The report recommends policy changes related to PA practice that are patient centric and consistent with AAPA’s legislative priorities.

The report, Reforming America’s Healthcare System through Choice and Competition, recommends that states “consider changes to their scope-of-practice statutes to allow all healthcare providers to practice to the top of their license, utilizing their full skill set.” Specifically, the report urges states to give consideration to “eliminating requirements for rigid collaborative practice and supervision agreements” between physicians and PAs. The report also recommends that the federal and state governments consider allowing PAs and similar providers “to be paid directly for their services.”

Before the release of the report, Jonathan Sobel, DMSc, MBA, PA-C, DFAAPA, FAPACVS, president and chair of the AAPA Board of Directors, met with the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to discuss policy issues that are essential for PAs. Additionally, AAPA met with senior administration officials and had an opportunity to provide comments.

“We believe the recommendations related to PAs in this new report are an important step in the right direction,” said Sobel. “They should surely resonate with stakeholders  as we continue to move the profession forward by advocating for PA-practice modernization, including Optimal Team Practice, at both the state and federal levels.”

The effort to compile the report was led by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the U.S. Department Treasury, and follows an October 2017 executive order by the President.

More Resources
Optimal Team Practice
Frequently Asked Questions About Optimal Team Practice
AAPA Guidelines for State Regulations

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5 hours ago, surgblumm said:

Rev Ronin hit the nail on the head in just one sentence. It is also good that the AAPA has not allowed my outbursts to be published on huddle as they were not flattering to the present administration.

Huddle = a huge moderated joke.  Can' put anything up there worth a darn.  After 3 posts got moderated (deleted) I left.... no thanks


One of my HUGE buttons is suppression of open discourse....  you do this and you are almost instantly against me...

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