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I was wondering if anyone knows how strict program are when it comes to exact unit requirements for prerequisite courses. I go to a university on the quarter system, so my classes do not always convert cleanly to semester unit requirements. I've seen plenty of schools require 4 semester hours each for Human Anatomy, Human Phys, Microbiology, etc; however, these classes are 5 quarter units each at my university (3.33 semester units equivalent).

I know some programs explicitly say their requirement for quarter hours, but some do not explicitly indicate the required quarter hours for a given course.


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Typically, they'll do a course-to-course equivalent, so accept 5 quarter hours (3.33 semester equivalent) for e.g. a biology course that nominally requires 4 semester hours, but you'll really have to ask individual programs.  I had a mixed bag of semester and quarter hour science courses, but it all calculated fine in CASPA.

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All my undergrad courses were semester (didn’t take any of the prereqs there), all my prereqs were quarter hours. Like you, mostly 5 credits. Most of my sciences with labs were 5, though chem was 6 (they weren’t any more time consuming than my others, that’s just how that school set the hours for whatever reason). I didn’t have any issues with any programs I applied to. I honestly think they care more that you took the right level course, got a good grade, and took the lab for the courses you need a lab for.

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