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Application Cycle 2019-2020

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24 minutes ago, Danae said:

Congratulations, thats so exciting! I will be anxiously checking my email 

Thank you!! That's how I've been so I feel it haha. Good luck and I bet you'll hear something soon, nobody else is posting about any interviews prior to this!

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I have also received an invitation. Are there perhaps any alumni or current students out there who can shed some light on their experience at ISU? What made you choose ISU over other programs? Do you feel like you are getting the best possible training, or are there facets of the program that are lacking? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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45 minutes ago, YanWalk said:

That is awesome! Congrats!

Is there an update on your application account online?

Mine is saying Confirmation...interested in knowing if it will change. 

I didn't actually have any sort of change in my CASPA or on the secondary application with ISU if that's what you're talking about. I don't think they normally change but I couldn't say for sure! I'm assuming confirmation just means it's confirming the received it or that it was sent. I hope that made sense!

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10 hours ago, emily1096 said:

Just got the acceptance email! I am sooo excited! Should we make a facebook group?

Congrats! Someone needs to make a group. I would but I don't go on FB enough to moderate it haha. Which session were you in, morning  or afternoon?

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