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New graduate, primary care FT salary negotiations

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Hello fellow PAs,

I was hoping someone may help me understand what a typical new graduate F/T salary would look like? A current position that I am considering has not yet given me a number, as my interview is upcoming, but I wanted to have an idea of what to ask for. I am from Buffalo NY, applying to positions in town. I've reviewed the AAPA Salary Report, but only have access to the 2016 numbers which state 85-90K starting salary with no exp is typical in my area. But these numbers are from 2016, and I'm not sure exactly how much they have moved. They state that they offer:

  • CME: paid time off & annual allowance
  • Comprehensive benefit plan
  • Reimbursed: license, DEA and all required certifications
  • Malpractice paid in full
  • 401(k) with Employer contribution.

They also note that this is a typical full-time position, at 40 hours a week, only weekdays, off all weekends and holidays. They state that patient load is 10-15 patients a day typically.

What do you think?

Thank you.

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The job description sounds great, especially for a new graduate - 10-15 patients really allows you to spend some time and learn.  Not working weekends or holidays is nice as well.  One question is do you have any built in admin time for charting and other paperwork or is it 40 hours of clinic? If 40 hours of clinic, expect at least 1-2 hours, maybe more like 5, to complete paperwork and charting depending on your efficiency.

Hard to give input on salary as I don't know Buffalo area and how cost of living, need, etc. factor in as NY has some variety with NYC and then the rest of the state.  But I will say the AAPA salary report is not 100% accurate, in my experience it has been at least $5k low, almost seems to be 1 year behind - which I guess makes sense since it is a retroactive survey.

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Thank you for your reply. You make a good point in regards to admin time. I will certainly ask about this next week during my interview.  As far as cost of living goes, Buffalo is relatively cheap compared to NYC. I think I will try to negotiatiate for 88K as a starting salary. I just worry about selling myself short, or not receiving an offer because I ask for too much as I am really interested in this position. 

I'll keep the forum posted on what happens next! This will be one of two interviews next week and both my first couple since finishing PA school this upcoming week.

Thank you kindly!

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$88k is likely selling yourself short.  For some perspective, my first job out of school was ortho in IN with a starting salary of $95k.  That job didn't last long.  Current job is family medicine in rural MI making $87,550 with productivity bonus, I'll make between $100-110k.  Job I recently accepted again in MI and start early 2019 is FM with base salary of $110,000 with better productivity bonus.

Obviously you can't equate MI and NY, but I feel (correctly) that I am currently underpaid which is one of the reasons I began looking for a new job.  Again, it's hard to comment specifically on NY and you are directly out of school, but I would shoot for a minimum of $90k, but probably at least $95k.

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Hey as a new grad looking for jobs in upstate NY I can definitely agree that $88k is selling yourself short. I can tell you that between myself and friends looking for jobs: we have all gotten $100k offers in Rochester, Ithaca, and Cortland separately. This is for hospitalist, SNF, gen surg, and ortho surg.

What kind of position are you interviewing for?

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