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Good evening everyone!! I am Matthew Cyphers. I actually sat beside and interviewed with you Jen. I am so excited for you both and cannot wait to start! I am not sure how many were offered and have accepted their spots but I know two others that I ran into in the parking lot that were accepted also. 

If you need help getting settled in Jen let me know. My wife and I just moved to the area about 6 months ago and are still pretty familiar with the housing and apartments. We are only 15 minutes from South College. 


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I'm interested in this too! My husband and I don't live in Nashville and are considering buying a place and renting to other students or co-renting with others. I'll be staying in Nashville monday- Thursday (or when classes are over), and then going home on weekends. 

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Good luck with your interview. I interviewed with them during their first round and it was very straight forward. That was only my second interview in total so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There’s just one interview and a tour of the campus, and you’ll find out your status before you leave. Just remember why you want to be a PA and what motivates you—and be able to articulate that thought with confidence. As hard as it may seem, relax and have a casual conversation with them and you’ll do great!!


best of luck!


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7 hours ago, rtimmons said:

Hey everyone. My name is Rob. 

Just got accepted at the 1/11 interview. For everyone that was there yesterday, I was the bald, retired Marine.

Very much looking forward to meeting the rest of you. Congratulations to you all!

Congratulations Rob! It's a great feeling!

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3 hours ago, nataliet7 said:

Just got accepted yesterday as well. If you were there yesterday, you can probably tell who I am from my picture. My name is Natalie Trejo. I am the gymnast. So excited to have classmates! Who knew dreams do come true. 

Congrats to all that just got accepted. I moved to Nashville about a year ago and live about 10 minutes from South College. If anyone has questions about the area feel free to reach out to me on here or on the class of 2021 FB page that the school created. You should get an email from Ainsley soon on how to get connected to it.

congratulations again to everyone!!


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