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should I retake calculus or take an extra science class?

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Hey everyone! Next semester I have room to take an extra class. I took calculus freshman year and did terrible...barely passed with a C-. Since then I've made A's and B's in all my science classes and haven't taken any other math classes. Calculus usually isn't a prerequisite for PA schools (at least the ones I am planning on applying to) but the C- is a huge dark spot on my transcript..would it be better to retake it or take another math class to show I am capable in math? I know if I retook it I could do a lot better because I am much more focused now. Or would it be better to take a nutrition class or an extra upper level bio or chem class? Thanks for the advice!

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I agree. Stats will serve you better in the long run than calculus (Pure utility before, during, and as a provider in poring over numerous research articles and data hand delivered to you by drug rep's when you're trying to sort what is quality versus what is garbage in practicing EBM). This is especially true if it is a research based course. Disclaimer: I don't know that a research stats course would always fit pre-req criteria, obviously school-specific. 

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I can say from personal experience you can get into a program with a C in calc. In fact I got a D the first time I took it and only a C the second time. Just make sure your science is high or at least have an upward trend. (not to mention most upper-level science courses are far more interesting than calc...)

I made it in with a low GPA (3.1), but I had to put in a lot of extra work, retaking required classes and taking new upper level science.

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