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Essential oils infuriate me

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On 11/26/2018 at 11:53 AM, rev ronin said:

It should be noted that these were case studies on 3 boys, not necessarily established science, and things that need to be studied further to establish conclusions.

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1 hour ago, delco714 said:

I'll leave you with this: the mind is a mysterious and wonderful thing. Just don't discount the power of psychosomatism!

Never.  It's the entire reason the placebo effect works: The patient's belief that a knowledgeable, caring healer has provided a remedy to them is the basis of ALL medicine, ancient and superstitious on forward.  Only modern, Western, reductionist medicine seems to have forgotten it.

But by all means, we both need to 1) care for the patients AND 2) use remedies that actually, objectively, repeatably work.

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The MAs at my clinic have the diffuse going some days, but we run it mostly for the pleasant smell.

I typically counsel my patients of the scientific (lack of) evidence of essential oils, but tell them that if they anecdotally feel better (ie: lavender relaxes me) and are using the oils appropriately (ie. a diffuser not potent oils directly on skin)....then go for it.

I'd rather them use lavender oil in their diffuser every night than pop a benzo if it helps to alleviate their symptoms.

None of this "Flu vaccine in a bottle" nonsense. 

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