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Salaried New Grad. Worried.

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I'm a new grad in FL. I was an excellent student but the market is utterly terrible here. I was offered a position in Urology for 85k/salaried employee. Full benefits, great location, fantastic SP who I get along well with, etc. Sounded good but as time goes on, things are starting to get weird. I'm set to "officially" start work this upcoming Monday, but there are problems on the horizon.

The salaried position is what gets me and I can see the practice actively trying to take advantage of me. I have no MA. The practice is in no hurry to hire one, either. I'd be doing my job and that of an MA for the foreseeable future. My call was supposed to be 1:7. However, it just got changed to 1:5. My SP also takes 24/7 call for one particular hospital, and told me I would be expected to handle weekend call maybe once a month for him, in addition to occasionally rounding on patients and seeing consults during weekdays. As a salaried employee, I know I won't be compensated for any of this.

I'm pretty frustrated and haven't officially started this job yet, but they just dumped a boatload of credentialing paperwork on me to get started on. I don't know if I should suck it up and stick it out for a year, or bail and throw everything I have into finding something else. Any advice? 

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Is this a low or medium cost of living city in Florida? To be honest, that is unreasonable. If they pay you for call then fine. At the minimum you should get $300 extra during a weekday and $600 extra for a weekend day. I don't take call so others can comment more on numbers. In the beginning there will hopefully be a lot of shadowing and your patient panel will hopefully start off light so not having an MA in the beginning is not a deal-breaker. The urologists MA should be shared when you start seeing patients if possible.

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Medium cost of living city. The patient load is part of the problem. The provider I work with currently sees >40 patients most days. It's insane output. I'd be expected to eventually pull these numbers (maybe not in my first year of practice, but eventually I would). All of that on top of occasionally seeing consults and rounding in the AM. 

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