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Schedule II medications & 7-day limit

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I have a DEA license and have been trying to e-scribe 1-month supply of things like Adderall and Ritalin but these past couple of weeks, I've been getting rejections from pharmacies stating that PA-C's can only prescribe 7-days worth.

This was not an issue a few months back and I have been prescribing them no problem. I know there was an HB21 bill that was passed by Rick Scott this summer limiting Schedule II OPIOIDs but I didn't think it would affect stimulants. Anyone else have the same issues?

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    • By katpac
      Hello everyone!  Haven't been on here in a while...  I'm hoping those of you with your DEA license can give me some guidance please, esp. if in primary care, and better yet if you are in Florida. I took the updated course, as my employer has now agreed to reimburse for the license application. There were some points in the course (taken through FMA) that I didn't know if I entirely understand, regarding supervising physician. --> Are we supposed to have a supervising physician name printed on every controlled substance Rx? It sounded like that from the course, but I'm not sure if I misunderstood. I work with an NP who notes that she doesn't have a supervising physician name on any of her benzo Rxs (4), but only on the pain meds (2). However, as we all know, the rules vary from state to state between NPs and PAs... So for, lets say, ativan (sched 4) - 1) Would the printed Rx on control paper have to have both my name and the supervising physicians name? 2) On that same Rx, if it has to have SP name, does it also need to be signed by the SP? .... The whole point of my organization wanting me to get this DEA license is so that the SPs do not have to be bothered and pulled each time I see a patient who needs a renewal on those meds. So I'm just trying to figure out if it is even worth it to get it. While they are now reimbursing, it is first out of my pocket until reimbursed, and that large sum of money on a screen at checkout just makes me a little nervous, lol. Also, I don't want them to pay all of that when the purpose of them paying for it will not be fulfilled.  Thanks in advance. 
    • By RF433
      I have a recently expired DEA for NH, and am applying for jobs/possibly moving to MA. Do I need to apply for a federal DEA and then something with  the state? Just confused about the process and I can't remember what I did last time when I finished school. I will call the agencies but thought I'd post here first. I already have my new state license for MA. Thank you!
    • By RhymesWit9
      I just moved to Texas/got my PA license after practicing in another state for about 1 year. At an interview, a PA affiliated with the practice told me he does not have a DEA number and that when he needed to write for a controlled substance, he submitted it under his supervising doc's name. ...Is this allowed? My prior state required your supervising doc to co-sign chart within 72 hours of writing a controlled substance. I did see on the TMB site that PAs can write for 30 days of a controlled substance at a time and must document consultation with their supervisor before refilling. Is this correct?
      Also, what are the requirements for supervising docs as far as signing charts? I looked through the TMB site and am not seeing specifics. My last state required "x"% of all charts to be co-signed. I'm quite certain the PA told me the doc doesn't sign his charts, which is surprising to me.
      Any other pearls of wisdom about practice/ practice law in Texas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    • By PACShrink
      So... I am moving to Florida. I have been a PA for 2 years, all in Psychiatry. I have my CAQ in Psychiatry.
      I am not certain I want to stay in Psych but here is my question...
      What are the laws in FL WRT Schedule 2 prescribing?
      Are PAs allowed to write for Atypicals? Stimulants?
      Should I stay in Psych in FL?
      Any advice would be really helpful..
    • By bonbonjoy
      I just registered for the CAPA NAPA conference w/ DEA course. I booked a room with two double beds at the hotel and looking for a roommate. Check in is 2/21 at 4pm and out 11am 2/22 (they can hold bags at front desk).
      Send me an email or respond to this post if you are interested.
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