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New PA president Dave Mittman supporting OTP

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If you are in the " PA Clinical Discussion" on facebook check out the latest post on OTP.

I am so glad that Mr. Mittman was elected as the new AAPA president since he is 100 percent on board withthe OTP movement. He wants us to practice without depending on others and be able to open our clinics without any administrative  issues. Awesome. Our future is looking bright. This OTP dominoe needs to start falling fast!!!!!

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As one who is active in the Wisconsin effort for OTP.  We have hit a roadblock with OTP and the hospital association.  They will oppose us if we don't put some type of language in our bill that states PAs are still supervised so that CMS rules are not violated and putting them at risk for not getting reimbursed for PA services.  CMS rules specifically states PAs must be under supervision of a physician.  NPs do not have that rule...…….  WHA does not like the term collaboration.  They were apparently writing their own legislation to control PAs and NPs and to align both professions and looks like they are trying to get the legislature to change NPs rules.....  (to be more like supervision rules of PAs) or so we think. 

We are working on  it.  AAPA is working on it and we hope to have a resolution after AAPA's meeting with CMS at the end of this month.

We have enlisted the help of PA leaders who are in large organizations to have them start the networking of what the real motivation is of he WHA and to education the physicians on the WHA board.  We could only communicate with WHA via their lobbyist, attorney and VP.  No access yet to the actual legislation committee.     They have lots of unearned power in my opinion.  I am jaded and tired. 

We area in the process of engaging a well known health care attorney to review our legislation.

We will take donations to our PAC fund too.   You can log onto our website and find the links for donating. 


We all know how S L O W government is to make any common sense decisions and hands are tied at each level of bureaucracy so I am calling out each PA to put out their supplications and prayers for mountains to be moved. 

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5 hours ago, sas5814 said:

Medicaid doesn't mandate supervision unless your state writes that into their rules. Medicare won't pay for "PA services" but there was legislation pending to make us directly reimbursable. I don't know where that is.

Word of your work is getting spread far and wide. 

The last action on this bill HR 5506 was 04/19/2018,  

Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.
Action By: Committee on Ways and Means

If you want to help it pass Please contact the Subcommittee Members

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