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New Grad ED PA - please help!

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Here is my first offer; I have not countered yet. The language in this contract seems very vague to me. 

·     60/hr for 120 hours/month with the potential to add more hours but not at higher rate. RVUs are available but I am unsure whether earning these as a new grad is likely. 

·    multiple health/dental/vision plans offered by employer

·     Malpractice with tail but with vague language of coverage

·     CME is available, but a specific amount is not listed in the contract

·     401k but the contract does not discuss employer match program

·      There is NO PTO / Vacation time. The contract does not state wither holidays are paid at a different rate. Weekends or nights are not specified either for pay differential.

·     Professional fees not included


I've been told by PA's at this ER that the bonus (not RVU) was recently taken away and that there is no-to-minimal increase in salary rate, rather, you get better schedule choice. 

Thoughts? Any advice is definitely welcome. 

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Depending on location within the country, $60/hour to start is about average.  The employer should be able to tell you the CME amount, $2500 is about average.   Often the employer expects that licenses and fees will come out of the CME allowance.  The lack of PTO is standard.   As EMED said, cost of coverage for health/vision/dental matters.  I pay about $300/mo for "silver" coverage for myself only.  Be careful about what they say about 401K contributions.  One major national company will optionally match up to 50% on the $ up to 6% of salary, but has underfunded that because the company is tight financially.

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