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Flu is here

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I had a weak B yesterday on a kid with 102 temp who looked sick (it's in the eyes).  Told mom that if someone were to test it today it probably would've been more positive.  Kid had only been sick for 5 hours or so.  Anyone anticipating using the new anti-viral Xofluza at $150-$160 (using GoodRx.com discount in my neck of the woods)?

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10 hours ago, thinkertdm said:

Just curious- did they get flu shots?

Funny, was going to get vaccine at this visit.  Headache, sore throat, mild fever.  Woke up with it.  That's it.  No other symptoms.  Negative rapid strep.  Unremarkable exam.  Told mom likely viral, and give it a few days.  She asks, "Could it be flu?"  I tell her it's always a possibility.  Doesn't sound flu-ish.  We've tested a number of patients.  We know it's coming, and somebody has to be first.  Offer to test; will take ten minutes.  Result surprised me.

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