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orsupport.com is looking to buy used c-arms, c-arm tables, RF generators, RF probes, tabletop autoclaves and MSK ultrasound machines. If you have any of these for sale please contact us. We also take order systems in on trade and will pay generous finders fees to anyone who knows of equipment for sale or a pain management practice looking to buy pain management or medical imaging equipment.

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I've had pretty good luck with E Bay. Besides many small things, I've purchased three cars (one from Italy) on E Bay and a  house. One car (not the one from Italy) had a defect that wasn't listed but I got the seller to pay for the repair (or I would give him a bad review). The house turned out to be fantastic and we lived in for 15 years, just selling it this year (through a traditional realtor). So sorry you've had bad luck. The only medical equipment I got through E Bay was a Panoptic, and it was fine.




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I'm not disagreeing that you can find good deals on there I found some myself but I've had a lot of bad luck buying medical equipment especially see arms tables and RF generators from there it. Most of the systems on there are being sold by dealers and not buy the original owner and the prices are higher than what I would want to spend normally and again I've just had too many problems. But anyway I appreciate your advice.


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Respect your experience. Hey, check out the practice of Way Yin, MD (Bellingham, WA). He had a beautiful, well-equipped intervention pain practice (he took me on a tour a few years ago). He just announced his retirement a few weeks ago and I think he is closing up shop for good soon or maybe he has already. You can find phone numbers and etc. online. I met him  several years ago when he had a local advertisement that his practice was "Physician Only" and did not employ "Physician's Assistants" or other non-physicians. I wanted to confront him over the issue and through that, we became acquaintances. 

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