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Hey guys,

Pretty sure you'll just confirm my suspicions, but I wanted to run details of a contract by you. Urgent Care position, 3 12's /4 12's alternating. Salary position with full benefits. I'm a new graduate, and the location is 2 provider, which is ideal for learning. But...

1) They want me to sign a 2 year contract

2) They won't let me keep my per-diem position/other positions while working there (non-compete)

Those two items are highly irregular for the field, and something I should run away from, correct? I'd love to work for the organization, but not with those stipulations.

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Noncompete clauses aren't all the unheard of and I definitely wouldn't consider it a red flag.  Would be nice to be able to get a 1 year contract rather than 2 just in case but by no means is it as bad as to 3-4 year contracts we see pop up here all the time.  Big thing to look into is what the penalty would be for breaking it.

Salary for UC can be pretty rough though.  Lets say you shut the doors at 2059 and a patient strolls in or there are still some waiting, that will be uncompensated time.  It IS very nice (and necessary in my opinion) to have an additional provider on site with you being a new grad.

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46 minutes ago, Salesian said:

Now I just learned that you can leave the contract with 4 months (120 days of notice)...and you owe them $10,000 for "the cost of hiring another provider" if you do so. Is that reasonable!?!?


No, that's not reasonable. Training a new provider is the cost of doing business. Treat them right and they won't leave, simple as that. Unless you get that removed and contract shortened to one year, I'd pass and let them know why.

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