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Interview on 5/15/2012

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Unfortunately they haven't. I'll be sure to find out though when I go up there but that will be nearly a month from now.

It's difficult really to get answers from the faculty there. The person who answers the phone does an excellent job of screening people to lighten the load of the admissions staff. For example I've tried to call to find out my application status and got stopped dead in my tracks and was told to go to the website and email the coordinator.

I called again to see when my application confirmation email would be sent as it had been a few days since I scheduled and was told the email would be sent out in a batch a few days later. So I doubt I'd even be able to find out if there is another round after this.

I can only recall as to what Melanie said to me when I was scheduling my interview, keep in mind I called within 30min of receiving my email from her.


Here's how that conversation went.

Mel: What day works for you?

Me: Whichever day is first available.

Mel: Well never mind, looks like May 15th is our last day for interviews.


So I’m not sure how to interpret that.

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Hey yreznik!


I interviewed back on 5/15! Still haven't heard anything and it's driving me up the wall. I remember at the interview, they kept saying "wait 2 weeks". Well two weeks are up and I can't keep myself together much longer.


hope we get some good news soon!

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