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Air Force HPSP for 2019

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Hello All!

I was recently accepted into PA school and contacted a few recruiters, and I am being told that the application has closed and won't open up until March 2019. Has anyone else been told this same information? I come from a military family and so I know how recruiters operate by not sharing full and accurate information. Would anyone happen to know what the usually application cycle timeline looks like and what I should be doing to prepare for the application to open in March 2019, if this is in fact true. 


Thank you!

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I also got into PA school and wanted to do the the HPSP program & the recruiter told me the board met in November and that the application cycle is closed. she did not know much else and told me she would put me in contact with the HPSP recruiter in my area who is supposed to contact me in the next five days  

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