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Volunteers from the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF SURGICAL PAs, the pioneer in Pre-PA outreach, will again be hosting an engaging and informative PRE PA COACHING SEMINAR in Orlando on FRIDAY JANUARY 18 2019 at 1700 (5pm) at the Sheraton Springs Orlando Airport Hotel 

Faculty and/or lecturers from Cornell University, Stony Brook University, Loyola Marymount, South Alabama & Touro are all presenting or planning to attend.

Opportunities for Mock Interviews as well as Critical CASPA Essay reviews available 

You can not miss this seminar...amazing admission tips, mock interviews, essay reviews, cutting edge PA news, and networking, shadowing, and volunteer experiences! WOW!

You will:
*meet PA leaders & admission advisors
*learn first hand tips and tricks to become a successful PA Program applicant.
*Understand the amazing & rapidly growing PA career field.   *Get new info on CASPA! 

This event is hosted by AASPA and given by Surgical PAs, PA school faculty members, and admissions experts! All volunteer their time to give this seminar. 

Come and learn amazing admissions tips & tricks! Understand the process from the inside and find out why PA school has become so competitive to get into and what admission committees look for.
CNN, Money Magazine, US Dept of Labor list the PA profession as one of the fastest growing & highest paid careers.
AASPA is proud to be THE FIRST PA organization to offer Pre-PA seminars, which have become more and more popular. 

*Seating is limited
*Dress is casual, but not too casual (you may meet a future PA school interviewer!!)

This amazing seminar will include:
-Overview of the PA Profession
-PA Profession news that all applicants need to know
-Essentials of academic prerequisites
-Health care/patient care prerequisites
-How to deal with CASPA
-PA-wanna-be essays
-How to stand out as an applicant
-Tips for the returning student
-One on one and group Q & A session
-and much more!

Registration/donation ($65):  http://www.aaspa.com/events/aaspa-pre-pa-meetings/aaspa-pre-pa-meeting-january-2019

Since AASPA is a non-profit and the faculty are volunteers, it makes a great tax-writeoff! **For groups of 5 or more, you save $15 on each registration, email ceo@aaspa.com for info!!**


*On Saturday January 19, AASPA is hosting an ultrasound workshop with SPOCUS...volunteer opportunities to be an ultrasound model ...what a way to build your CASPA application. Registration coming soon at AASPA.com!
*Discounted hotel rates will be available for Friday and Saturday nights for those flying in and/or volunteering at the ultrasound session. AASPA.COM for info (coming soon)

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