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What's a fair hourly rate for per-diem urgent care work in high COL area?

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So i'm a newish grad, just over a year out of school. Almost a year of ED experience. I have been looking into per-diem urgent care work in Los Angeles and most of what im seeing is often 1099. Assuming malpractice is covered by the employer (a deal breaker for me if its not), what's a fair hourly wage considering I wont be getting benefits from this part time 1099 position and will have a more complicated tax situation paying not only the employee but employer portions of the taxes. 

It's a new UC trying to get off the ground and the owner is a doc who says he'd be "happy to have 5-10 pts come through the door" (10am-5pm) a day while he works to get the clinic's name out. He threw out numbers for hourly rates around $55-70 but said he was open to negotiating and talking more upon meeting and showing me the practice. He employs MDs in the practice who function in other non-urgent care capacities so its more of an expansion of an existing practice vs starting one from the ground up. 

Appreciate any input. 

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For reference, I'm in the PNW in a moderate COL region.  The UCs around here start new grads off at ~125k-130k/yr with full bennies, vaca, CME, sick retirement etc. for 36hrs/wk.

For a 1099 in a high COL I'd shoot high.

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Can’t attest to the per diem work, but as stated above, in the PNW new grads are starting around $120k in my neighborhood with bonus structure.

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