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Hi guys! I just got an interview invite a few days ago and was curious to know how any of you who interviewed/got accepted felt about the interview! Second time applicant and first time applying so I'm super nervous and just want to get accepted so badly!!!!!
That's awesome! Congrats! I interviewed at Meridian and did the tour before, which I recommend because it helped calm my nerves just walking around and seeing everything/got me more excited about the program. The tour guide also worked really hard to make it fun and comfortable so we could relax. The interviews themselves were laidback as well and it seemed more like they want to get to know you, not trip you up or ask tricky questions! I felt comfortable and not judged; it really was a case of just trying to show them personality and why you want to be there. So as cliche as it is, just be yourself! You'll do great!

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