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Hey y’all! I have been accepted to a program and would like to get a head start on the material. Has anyone taken or heard of a good online pharmacology course? It can be free or paid as long as it is completely online! Does not need to be for credit. 

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I would not waste your time. Enjoy all the free time that you have while you are not in school. You will regret it if you don't take full advantage. Go on a vacation, enjoy doing absolutely nothing..

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Yep! 2nd semester student here. 

Enjoy your time off with family and friends. Take a trip or two or three. Whatever you can fit in. Don't pick up a book, you will learn everything as a PA student. There will be plenty of reading, I promise.

We just completed our last of the Cardiology block exams and have not been able to see my parents in the past two weeks and a half, and they live 3 miles away.  

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