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Failed PANCE twice now.

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i searched this forum and haven’t found anything really recent at the moment. 


Background; Military for 7 years. 2 combat tours as infantry / medic. Honorable discharge and went to PA school at 27 years old.

Packrat score; 141

Rosh review; mid 60s with project 590

5 day CME review projected 595

I failed the once by 9 points and 5 points. I’ve done PANCE prep pearls, Lange q and a, 5 day CME course and Rosh Review. I was a B student, no more and no less. I just don’t get why I do so well on all my practice and then fail the PANCE. I’m assuming test anxiety. What have people done to help with this? I took my scheduled breaks. There was no difference in percent right across the board. When I read PPP or Rosh I know the answers. I just feel like when I take the PANCE I’m lost. I did the known known and known unknowns after I failed the first one. I don’t rush through the test, I read each question carefully, and had only 6 min to spare. 

Many advice would be helpfully. I lost my ICU offer, max out my credit cards, and have no money. 




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Your pre-exam scores look good. It's most likely a combination of exam jitters and talking yourself out of right answers. Have you taken practice tests through NCCPA? You don't get feedback on the actual answers (at least you didn't when I used them to study years ago), but you can get breakdowns of various things like how well you score in each section as well as if you turned right answers into wrong ones.

Biggest piece of advice I'd have for you is you need to change something based on how you've performed the last two go-rounds.

  • When taking practice tests, you need to understand the how/why and not just what the right answer is.
  • You need to study the differences between disease states or medications rather than the similarities.
  • Familiarize yourself with how questions are written.
  • Look at your past PANCE score breakdown
    • Using https://www.nccpa.net/examscontentbporgans, create a list from most to least common organ system. Cards, GI, Pulm and MSK make up a whopping 48% of the exam. Master these sections
    • Compare your PANCE score breakdown to your new list of organ systems and grind them out
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Hi Cagostee,

I have read your post.

Sorry to hear about your scores.

I am a PANCE tutor.

I am happy to give you some help with a lot of my review materials and advice  at no charge if you wish.

If so, you may email me at;  precipiolearning@gmail.com


John Athas


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